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Mentorship Services

If you are passionate about pursuing counseling training and are seeking a mentor who understands the global landscape of counseling psychology and psychotherapy, I invite you to connect with me. Regardless of whatever stage you are at in the process of building your career path, I welcome the opportunity to be your mentor. Whether you're just starting to explore the field or are already on your journey, I'm here to provide guidance and support.


Having studied and worked in India, UK, and the US, I bring you a global perspective, offering insights into the diverse approaches, practices, and opportunities within counseling psychology and psychotherapy. My mentorship will be relational and goal-oriented: focusing on helping you define and achieve your career objectives. I will not presume to tell you what is best for you, but rather offer you resources and help you make the best informed decisions to meet your aspirations.


I am deeply passionate about internationalizing and decolonizing the psychotherapy landscape to include more practitioners and researchers from marginalized and non-Western backgrounds, and it is an honor to help you on your journey!

Career Paths

Psychology is a vast field, and it is important to understand the subfields and opportunities offered. Even within mental health, there are various professions and roles that I can help you discern.

Identifying Opportunities

Working together, I can also help guide you on how to research and discover professional opportunities, scholarships, and awards for yourself. This is a skill that once honed, can help you continue your professional development well into the future.

Choosing a Path

There is often an overload of information around choosing a career path. A large part of my work as a mentor is to help you identify and choose what the right course is for you based on your passions!

Application Building

When applying to courses or jobs in India or abroad, having an application that highlights your strengths and individuality is key. Working together, I can help you identify ways build a stronger application as well as help you with CVs and Statements of Purpose. 

Career Scopes

Some of our work will also be to help you gain clarity on the scope of your chosen field by helping you explore options to further your psychological career and the financial viability of your options.

Studying Abroad

If you plan on training abroad, there are numerous considerations to take into account, including choosing a course, post-qualification licensure, accreditation, education costs, job markets, and so on. I can assist you in understanding many of these requirements.


My mentorship services extend to all individuals interested, with the exception of former and present clients. Unlike impersonal webinars, I provide personalized mentorship plans crafted to align with your specific goals, background, and aspirations. Each mentorship session lasts 60 minutes, allowing you the flexibility to utilize our time according to your preferences and needs. My charge per session is INR 1000, and you may contact me for further details or to schedule your mentorship sessions.

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