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Nishi Ravi

M.Couns. (Edin.)

I am currently an international PhD student and graduate research/teaching assistant in the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology at Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA. 

After nurturing a private practice in India and the UK (accruing over 1500+ clinical hours), I moved to the US upon receiving the opportunity to be mentored and guided by world-renowned researchers who could shape my journey and help me contribute to the broader discourse on mental health through research, academia, practice, and supervision. 

Through my education and work, I aim to think critically, empower communities, challenge systemic thinking, shift narratives, and promote transformative, lasting change within individuals and communities.



My research lens is primarily qualitative and social constructivist. I am passionate about studying lived experience in a rich and nuanced manner, and try to present my work at conferences as often as I can! I am particularly interested in research methodologies like Consensual Qualitative Research; Autoethnography; Phenomenology; and Heuristic Inquiry.

Some of my current research projects include topics on:

  • Counsellor Training, Education, and Supervision

  • Processes in Psychotherapy

  • Sex, Sexuality, Disability, and Intersectionality

  • Culture, Trauma, and Healing

  • Racial-Ethnic Identity and Wellbeing

  • Internationalizing Therapy for Non-Western Populations

For a full list of my publications and conference presentations, you can take a look at my CV.

As an educator, I am committed to teaching and mentoring graduate students and promoting their professional development. Some of my roles have included:


Teaching Instructor:

  • COUN 6965 - Counseling Practicum

Teaching Assistant:

  • CMHCP 101 Practicum/Internship Preparation

  • COUN 6060 - Psychopathology and Diagnosis

  • COUN 6012 Ethics & Legal Issues

  • COUN 6030 Theories of Counseling

Group Facilitator:

  • COUN 6040 - Multicultural Counseling Lab - Dialogue Group Leader


Clinical Work


Through the course of my PhD, I have the unique and fulfilling experience of being a doctoral practicum trainee, working with patients across different demographics and with different kinds of psychological vulnerabilities.


Alongside therapy, I am also training to conduct psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological tests. This includes conducting cognitive, social, and personality evaluations for patients across the lifespan; and writing comprehensive clinical reports and recommendations.


Selected Fellowships, Honors, & Awards

2024 : APA Division 29 Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Student Excellence in Practice Award (USA)


2024 - 2025 : The Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy + Psychoanalysis' Fellowship (USA)


2024 : APA Division 39 Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology Scholar's Award (Washington D.C, USA)


2024 : American Psychoanalytic Association Externship (New York, USA)


2023 - 2025 : The Contemporary Freudian Society's Psychoanalytic Fellowship (USA)


2023 : Student Professional Development Fund Recipient (Milwaukee, USA)


2023 : Midwestern Psychological Association's Graduate Student Diversity Travel Award (Chicago, USA)


2019 : The Edinburgh Leadership Award for Community-based Researchers (Edinburgh, UK)


2018 : The Edinburgh Award for Community-based Researchers (Edinburgh, UK)

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