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- Laurie Beckoff


I’m at an indefinite standstill,

Wasting time and wasting space.

I should be charging full steam ahead,

But instead I’m just running in place.

I did what they said and shot for the stars,

But I’m floundering here in the sea.

I mapped constellations and plotted a course,

But miscalculated my trajectory.

Everyone told me that I was so smart,

Creative, and full of potential.

Now I’m left wondering if I’m quite dim,

Or lazy, or inconsequential.

I’m selfish, naïve, I need to grow up,

And do what it takes to get by.

But if that’s the entire meaning of life,

I can’t help but questioning why.

I’ve been much luckier than most,

I’ve never really had it tough.

But with all the progress I’m not making,

My luck’s bound to run out soon enough.

And what then will I have to show

If things take a turn for the worse?

Something I’m proud of, something of worth?

Or just some mediocre verse?


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