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Alone in a Crowd

- Neil Newton


We're all looking for company,

We're all looking for someone.

We're so busy trying to find

A purpose in another's life,

That we lose who we are in reality.

Gone are the days,

Where we wake up,

Feeling good.

Where we wake up,

Looking forward to the new day.

We don't want to wake up anymore.

We don't look forward to the day.

We have stopped expecting.

We have stopped believing.

We are hollow blocks

Painted in colors.

Some bright, some dull.

Some in a mixed shades of the VIBGYOR.

And we...

We are grey.

In an era where

Almost half the population

is obsessed with looks,

And the rest are obsessed with other's looks,

How would you expect one,

To love themselves ?

Despite all the negativity,

Despite all the hate.

Despite not knowing

What it feels like to be loved,

How would you expect one

To treat themselves right,

When they've never felt that before

How do you expect the camel,

To know what snow feels like under his hooves?

We've been trying for too long,

To hold the smile

As a cover.

To pretend,

Everything is right.

To pretend,

Life's going good.

We've been pretending

For way too long.

And we're tired.

And before you ask me

What's wrong,

Why don't you come over,

And live life,

The way I do.

Walk a mile, in my shoes.

Let me know,

If you'd survive,

A tour in my mind.

Let me know,

If you can understand

The reason for this post.

And if you can't,

Why don't you sit down,


See if

You could

Remind me again,

What it feels like to be wanted.

What it feels like to be loved.

Remind me again,

What it feels like

To never feel alone

Despite being surrounded by a crowd.

But of you can't

I wouldn't be surprised.

I couldn't expect a politician

To understand poverty anyway.


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