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The Mighty Proof

- Shreya


The mighty mountain was happy in her world

Then came mightier and bigger ones, loaded

With gold and riches, and unimaginable power

Making her feel low and weak, every passing hour,

And they showed off how they could move the earth

And leave it uninhabitable and bleak, still and lifeless,

And took pride and laughed at the little one, who seemed timid

Compared to their majestic structures, blind to their brightness

And the night had swept over them, the stars were out,

The little one couldn't sleep because the nightmares were loud,

Resonated with the clouds and storms right on her,

But a seed kept hitting, and clouds turned silver

The seed was filled with a melody unheard before

And prayed to the little mountain to unleash the store,

Of a million tunes of the world, and consoled her spirit

And relieved her of the burden that the mighty poured,

And with the sun, the little one was awakened,

The life on her had flourished, continued to improve,

And as the others looked at her, speechless with her growth,

She said there is nothing to compare, and nothing to prove.


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