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To me, clinical supervision is not just a professional and ethical obligation; rather, it is a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in the field of therapy. While I make it a point to attend my own personal supervision to ensure I provide the highest quality of care to my clients, I also offer individual and group supervision to contribute to your professional development and well-being, to help you feel more competent and inspired in your therapeutic work.

Individual Supervision


I offer individual clinical supervision that is collaborative, dynamic, and reflexive, designed to support your growth as an early career practitioner.  I strongly value the therapeutic use of self and person of the therapist. This approach aims to enhance your clinical skills and nurture your unique therapeutic voice, allowing you to integrate theory with practice in a way that feels authentic and effective. My current charge per 50-minute supervision session is INR 2000, with a limited number of low-fee slots (INR 1000 - 2000) for therapists from marginalized communities.

Group Supervision

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My approach to group supervision is rooted in relational psychodynamic principles. I work to cultivate an environment of curiosity and exploration, paying careful attention to parallel processes as they emerge between presented cases, group dynamics, and each therapist's own practice. By collaboratively attuning to these unconscious replications of relational patterns across different contexts, we uncover deeper insights into your clinical work. This process not only enhances our understanding of specific cases but also enriches our ability to recognize and work with transference, countertransference, and the innumerable ways unconscious material manifests in the therapeutic frame. Group supervisions are limited to 6 members per group, and are charged at INR 1500 per 75-minute session.

Professional Consultation

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I also offer professional consultation services to therapy organizations, group practices, and mental health clinics. My work is designed to enhance the clinical effectiveness, organizational cohesion, and professional development of your team. Consultation focuses on clinical case reviews, writing and managing case notes, theoretical conceptualization and integration into clinical work, and therapist wellbeing. I collaboratively work with your team through regular/one-off group consultation sessions, workshops, and on-site observations and feedback. I aim to be respectful of your existing strengths and practices and work to help you foster professional growth at the individual and organizational levels. My charge for a 60-minute consultation is INR 4500, with a reduced fee of INR 2000 for community clinics, and non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

Please note that all my supervision slots (both individual and group) are completely full. Keep an eye out on this page for when slots open up or feel free to contact me for an estimation of when slots may become available!

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