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About Group Therapy

​As a part of the human condition, we may find ourselves yearning for connection, understanding, and communal growth. Group therapy offers a unique and powerful avenue for this journey, weaving together individual stories into a collective narrative of healing and transformation. 


Group therapy serves as a powerful mirror, reflecting aspects of ourselves we may have overlooked or hidden away. Through interactions with others, we gain invaluable insights into our patterns, behaviors, and the ways we impact those around us. This self-discovery occurs in a supportive environment, allowing for deep personal growth and the development of more authentic relationships. Through group dynamics, we learn to navigate the complexities of human interaction. We practice vulnerability, assert boundaries, and develop empathy in real time. Group therapy is a microcosm of the wider world, offering a safe space to explore and refine our ways of being. Here, we can experiment with new behaviors, receive honest feedback, and witness the power of collective support. Additionally, group therapy can be more cost-effective than individual therapy!

Past groups I have had the privilege of facilitating included: college students through the unprecedented challenges of the global pandemic; individuals from religious minorities facing unjust persecution, and LGBTQIA+ individuals in unsafe environments. Currently, I am not conducting any group therapy sessions. This website will be updated when new group therapy opportunities become available. Please check back periodically or reach out to me for information and announcements about upcoming groups!

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