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Bell Jars

- Shreya


As much as everyone loves being in control

Of the ship of life they sail too well,

Trouble chuckles, again it sees

As bearable monotony morphs into hell

As fatigue twists my stomach, it aches

And lures me to sleep, as it takes

The sense of reality that keeps me alive

Leaks into my dreams and will drive

Me crazy! Who are those learned men,

Who label the minds, now and then

On a scale beyond what I can comprehend

And a misfit of madness they will send,

To asylums or factories to ensure and enforce

Torment of people who don't reveal sanity,

Ransacking the surviving debris of self

And plunging themselves into deceptive vanity

My mind wanders into times beyond my death,

Beyond the darkness in eyes, and gasping breath,

Right or wrong is immaterial to my burning scar,

As long as I'm free of the suffocating bell jar.


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